Founded by AIM's Former Head of the Guitar Department, David Poole.

Learn Everything from Van Halen to Bach. Accomplish things you never thought you could and excel to a level that can't be beat!


Atlanta Guitar Academy will take you through a course that is every bit as good as the best music programs in the country, but at a fraction of the cost. The curriculum was written by David Poole, who also authored the curriculum for the Scales Department at the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM).

There is no contract. You can leave at any time. We are month to month. That's what makes us unique to other programs that lock you into a long contract.

Our students become the best at every style of Music: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Fusion, and Classical. Learning theory, scales, styles, notation, sight reading, and more. Our students come out the best guitar players in the state.

You can take a look at the syllabus below to see the classes that are in the program.


Level One:


​1. Major Scales- 5 Patters

2. Learn chords and arpeggios with licks

3. Scales patterns of 4, etc.

4. Intervals

5. CAGED System


1. Introduction to all styles and tendencies in

each style of music.

Chords and Rhythm:

​1. Learn common rhythm patterns.

2. Learn major,  minor, and sus chords

3. Augmented and Diminished Triads

4. Major 7th Chords, Minor 7th chords

5. Diminished 7th Chords and Minor 7th Flat 5 Chords

Theory and Reading:

1. Introduction to basic theory 

2. How to build chords from a scale

​3. Learn the 7 chords in the key of C.

​4. other formulas essential to music theory

Level Two:


1. Introduction to Classical Music

​2. How to read classical music

​3. How to play the rest stroke and free stroke

​4. How to use proper technique


1. Learn "Sweet Home Alabama" Solo

2. Learn "500 Miles High"

3.  Introduction to Country Music

4. Introduction to Funk Music

5. Learn 12 Bar Blues

6. Learn "She's Always a Woman to Me"

7. Learn theme song from "MASH"


1. Learn modes and how to use them.

2. Learn the chords in every key

3. Pentatonic Scales

4. Blues Scale

5. Introduction to Harmonic Minor

Level Three:


1. Learn Harmonized harmonic Minor Scale

2. Chords in the Harmonic Minor Scale

3. Learn Dominant 7#5 arpeggios

4.  Minor Major 7th arpeggios

5.  Major 7#5 arpeggios

6.  O 7th Arpeggios

7. Minor Pentatonic with a major 3rd

8. Minor Flat 5 Pentatonic

9. Soloing with arps over different chords


1. Learn how to read from "Berklee Book 1"

2. Learn how to read chord chart without moving hand position

3. Learn the Nashville Numbering System


1. Learn "Johnny Be Good"

2. Learn your choice of Van Halen song

3. Techniques of rock players from the Beatles to today's players, like Steve Morse.


1. Learn history of famous players like Carcassi and Gulianni, etc.

2. Continue in Aaron Sheerer Book

Level Four:


1. Learn the Melodic Minor Scale

2. Learn the harmonized chord in the melodic minor scale

3. Learn the two symmetrical scale, Whole Tone Scale and Diminished Scale

4. Learn Modal Arpeggios

Chords and Comping:

1. Learn how to comp with Quadrachords

2. Learn Jazz tendencies with walking bass lines

3. Chord Melodies

Ear Training:

1. Learn how to identify all natural intervals

and minor intervals within an octave using only your ear

2. Learn how to identify major, minor, and diminished chords using only your ear.

3. Learn how to identify common progressions in the Diatonic Scale, such as 1,6,2,5

4. All of the above without an instrument in your hand.


1. Learn the basics of how to write notes, treble clefs, bass cleffs, etc. correctly.

 At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate that is highly valued saying that they completed one of the most challenging music development programs in the state. 

And for the students who are not quite ready to get the most out of these classes, there is a junior course that will lead up to level one of the program.


The Atlanta Guitar Academy now offers video classes weekly or biweekly according to what level you are in. To go along with your regular scheduled hour classes each week.

Soon we will be offering strictly video classes for those out of state who wish to participate in the Atlanta Guitar Academy. In order to receive your diploma, exams will be done via Skype. Coming Soon. More information to be posted later. For more information call 404-667-3124 or email to


If a student misses a class, it is up to the student to remind the teacher that they need a make-up otherwise the teacher will assume the student is current with the curriculum and does not need the extra classes.

Note: All make-ups are done at the teacher's discretion according to the notice the student gave, etc. Classes will be made up at the teachers c0nvenience. There will be a limit of only one make up per quarter. 

Atlanta Guitar Academy has a great record with providing extra time and assistance to it's students so we will always try to work with you.

To find out more information call us at 404-820-1055

About Teachers:

David Poole began playing the guitar at the age of six. by the time he was 18, he had begun teaching at the Atlanta Institute of Music, substituting for Jimmy Herring, (Allman Brother, Grateful Dead). He studied under such guitar greats as Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, Vinny Moore, and Jimmy Herring.​ He also studied in master classes with Robin Ford, Jason Becker, Andy Timmons, Scott Henderson, Steve Morse and many more great players.

David authored the curriculum and study guides for AIM's guitar program, which are currently used to teach Scales Classes Levels 1-4. Throughout his time at AIM, he also taught Classical Classes (1, 2, 3, and 4), Reading (1, 2, 3, and 4), Rock 3, Notation, Rock Performance, and Jazz Performance. 


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